Save Introductions in Family Book Creator

Saving Introductions in Family Book Creator

How to save introductions in Family Book Creator may not be obvious, but it can be done. Knowing how to do it can save you some frustration as you switch between multiple book projects. I’ll show you how to do it in this article.

I just finished writing a book for one branch of my family. I used multiple tools to design, edit, and print this book. The main tool I use to generate the book text is Family Book Creator (FBC). FBC auto-generates much of the content of the book. But it also allows you to create custom title pages, introductions, and forewords.

I created some tailored sections for my book project. I then switched to another book project for another branch of my family. That was when I discovered that the same custom-written sections from the first project were being applied to the second project!

Family Book Creator saves this data as part of your settings file. You could save a different settings file with tailored introduction sections for each book project. However, my preference is to have a single settings file used for all books. It took me a long time to find the settings that I like. I don’t want to lose them!

Screenshot of family book creator's save and load settings buttons.
Saving and loading settings in Family Book Creator

Saving Introductions in Family Book Creator

FBC offers a lot of functionality, but specific features can be hidden under one of the many tabs, buttons, and icons in the tool. That is true in this case too. You can do it, you just know where to look! On the tabs for the “Title”, “Colophon”, “Introduction”, and “Forward” sections, look for the small folder and disc icons. There are the icons you need for opening and saving these sections as documents.

The little icons in Family Book Creator that let you save and open custom introduction files

If you have a section you’d like to use for one book project but not another, you can save it. Click “Save As” and that section will be saved as a Word document wherever you like on your computer.

Family Book Creator Title Pages Saved as Microsoft Word Documents

Loading Introductions in Family Book Creator

Clicking the “Open” button allows you to import one of you saved sections. You can also write a custom section from scratch using Microsoft Word and import it using the Open button.

Using these two buttons, you can build up a library of custom section documents. You can load whatever section you need for whatever project you are working on.

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I hope you enjoyed learning how to save introductions in Family Book Creator. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more tips about Family Book Creator, please leave a comment below!